Wire Decking for Pallet Racking – Buyer’s Guide

Boost the safety and performance of any warehouse storage solution with wire decking, not the cheapest, but a widely used choice for pallet rack decking.

Wire mesh decking gives you the greatest durability and flexibility for changing uses no matter if you are handling full pallets or hand stacking cartons on your pallet rack – all while satisfying local fire code specifications.

Wire decking offers increased stability and safeguards for use with your pallet racking. Storing items on rack shelves without requiring the use of a pallet is yet another advantage of wire decking.

Painted, galvanized, and powder coated are protective coatings for wire decking you can choose from based on the conditions that the decking is utilized in. For outdoor applications, galvanized wire decking is a common choice.

Decreasing accidents and improving stocking efficiencies is a proven advantage of better dispersion of existing lighting when using wire decking for pallet racking. Minimizing shadows and much brighter warehouses is the effect of installing wire decking in pallet rack storage solutions. Pallet rack wire decking enables light to shine through because of the wire mesh grid and this permits light to uniformly spread out from ceiling to floor.

Wire decking additionally improves the level of safety by decreasing the risk of loss due to fire. Wire deck has been demonstrated to be so successful at cutting losses due to fire that the majority of local fire codes currently call for wire decking to be used whenever indoor pallet rack storage is utilized.

Because of its durability and safety factors, pallet rack wire decking is much superior to wood decking. Wood or plywood, conventional solid decking materials, can catch fire as well as block water from reaching the fire when a fire occurs. This problem is all but removed with wire decking, because water from fire suppression can move through the mesh of the wire deck, permitting access to the origin of the fire.

Mustang Material Handling has pallet rack beams, pallet rack uprights, wire decking for pallet rack and pallet rack accessories in-stock and ready for immediate installation. Our professional sales staff has years of experience with pallet rack applications to help get your warehouse organized.

Delivering added safety for pallet rack solutions all through your facility is a solid advantage of
welded wire decking.

Wire decking is installed easily – no tools required. Nearly all wire decking rests on the pallet rack beams and falls effortlessly into place.

Preventing dust from collecting is another advantage of the mesh design of wire decking.

Wire decking comes in many sizes and types. You may need to be selective in choosing a size and type that fits your existing racking. It may also be necessary to choose decking that will support the loads you will be storing. This means making sure the decking is of the proper gauge, or thickness, for added strength.

Some of the types of wire decking and images to help you identify them are:

upturned waterfall wire decking

Upturned Waterfall

inside waterfall wire decking

Inside Waterfall

flat flush wire decking

Flat Flush

Inverted Flare

inverted u channel wire decking

Inverted U Channel

flat flush wire decking

Standard U Channel

flared channel wire decking

Flared Channel

duo fold support wire decking

Duo Fold Support Channel

As mentioned, there are many different finishes for wire decking. The most common are galvanized and powder coated. The finish you choose will depend on the price level you are interested in and whether the finish will hold up to the items stored on the decking.

What size of pallet rack wire decking do I need?
This is a common question we get when helping customers with wire decking solutions. Depth: The depth of the wire decking, like the depth of a shelf, must match the depth of the pallet rack frames.

Common pallet rack and wire decking depths are 36″, 42″, 44″ and 48″.

The width is not how deep the racking is, but rather, how wide the wire decking units span across the beams of the racking as you face it. The width of the wire decking depends on the length of the beams.

For 4 ft, 8 ft, and 12 ft beams: use 46″ Width wire decking (most common)
For 9 ft beams: use 52” wire decking
For 10ft beams: use 58” wire decking

Another question we get from customers is – How many wire mesh decks do I need?

This depends on the length of your beams, there may be, and probably will be multiple wire decking units needed.

For 8ft, 9ft or 10ft beams: 2 decks per beam level
For 12ft beams: 3 decks per beam level

Need custom wire mesh decking for pallet racking? We can get custom sizes and styles for all storage and pallet rack wire decking needs.

A few wire decking manufacturers we work with:

Nashville Wire Products – Wire Decking

Nelson Steel Products – Wire Decking

ITC Manufacturing – Wire Decking

Give us a call to discuss your wire decking needs. We will work to find the best and most economical solution.

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