Folding Gates

Folding Gates are your No. 1 Loss Prevention Solution. Provide a safer, better ventilated and more secure location with folding gates from Illinois Engineered Products, Inc. through Mustang Material Handling.

Galvanized steel folding gates are the strongest folding gates you can buy. They stand up to weather – they’re rust resistant– and they look better and last longer! Illinois Engineered Product’s galvanized coating bonds to steel 10 times stronger than paint. That means they’ll be virtually maintenance free.

To get details about Folding Gates, please give us a call. Mustang Material Handling has a qualified team to handle questions about Folding Gates and solutions for your facility. Mustang Material Handling sells, services and installs folding gates and warehouse equipment for customers in the Akron, Canton, Toledo, Cleveland, Youngstown, Columbus & Dayton Ohio area.

Steel Aisle Gates

Designed for retail stock inventory operations, maintenance procedures, or any type of temporary crowd control. When not in use, these mounted aisle gates retract out of the way.

Portable Steel Aisle Gates are lightweight and move from setting to setting with little effort. The aisle gate collapses to a much smaller size and fits into any mobile lift truck or storage area.

Galvanized steel construction, this lightweight, yet highly visible aisle gate will stand up to any environment. Available in OSHA yellow or other colors, the aisle gate comes with a welded handle for easy lifting. Gates can be linked together for larger widths.

Pair Folding Gates

Pair Folding Security Gates are perfect for securing any kind of hall, entryway or window in any type of business or industry. Gates have open webbing that allows greater air circulation and visibility during the day, and tight security around the clock. They’re perfect for lift-up doors, and larger doorways and hallways.

Gates up to 24′ wide are always in stock. Larger sizes are also available with quick turnaround. Pair Folding Security Gates are ideal for openings greater than 12′, for smaller openings, use one of our Single Folding Gates.

Pair Folding Security Gates can be installed virtually anywhere and any way you need them, including, inside door jambs, outside door jambs, between posts or bollards, attached to pallet racks, between walls and even in windows!

The Strongest Folding Security Gates on the Market. Illinois Engineered Product Security Gates are the only gates made with solid galvanized steel 5/8” self-securing drop pins designed to fit directly into floor holes. They provide maximum strength and maximum security. You cannot buy a stronger gate!

Single Steel Folding Security Gates

Single Steel Folding Security Gates by Illinois Engineered Products

Designed to secure dock, receiving, garage and service doorways, hallways and entranceways up to 12 feet wide without sacrificing visibility or air circulation. For larger openings use a Pair Folding Gate.

By providing better air and light flow, and increased security and safety, galvanized steel folding gates can help make a healthier workplace, a safer school, or a more secure warehouse.

The Only Folding Gates Made with Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel. That means they stand up to 4-season weather like heat, rain and snow. And they won’t be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners.

Riveted Back to Back with Aircraft Quality Aluminum Rivets. They’ll withstand more stress and they won’t ever rust, and that means the rivets won’t crack and the webbing won’t separate.

Folding Door Gates

Door Gate by Illinois Engineered Products

Ideal for providing access control and security for entryways up to 4 feet wide. Folding Door Gates are perfect for securing high-traffic hallways or entryways in any type of business or industry.

Folding Door Gates Are Hinged and Can Be Mounted Left or Right – they collapse and pivot completely out of the way, providing safe door openings, 100% clear of obstructions.

Folding Door Gates can be installed in any doorway up to 48” wide, inside or outside the jamb, and can be installed in less than 30 mins!

Portable Gates

Portable Gate 1 by Illinois Engineered Products
Portable Gate 3 by Illinois Engineered Products
Portable Gate 5 by Illinois Engineered Products

IEP Portable Security Gates can be used virtually anywhere and any way you need them, including, sealing school hallways, closing elevator banks, restricting access in offices, factories or warehouses. And they’re easy to collapse, allowing open, easy access again. Also, when collapsed they’ll go through any doorway and can be stored in a closet!

Portable Security Gates are perfect for providing temporary access control in any area – including entryways, hallways – anywhere! Portable Security Gates extend up to 12′ and are a quick and easy way to seal off any area.

Gates extend up to 12′ and with 6′ add-ons you can seal off an area of any width. Use a starter gate from 6′ to 12′ wide, then simply use add-on gates for each additional 6′ needed. And add lockable drop pins to add additional security for wide openings. When not in use, gates simply fold up and roll away for storage. They’ll fit through a doorway as small as 28”!

Barrier Gates

Barrier Gate 1 by Illinois Engineered Products
Barrier Gate 2 by Illinois Engineered Products

Barrier Gates are ideal for providing temporary access control in any kind area – including entryways, hallways or aisles – anywhere! Gates come in widths up to 6′ and heights up to 30”. They’re very portable and they cost less than larger gates. Our Barrier Gates are lightweight and easy to move and handle so they can be quickly collapsed and stored.

Seal Off Hazards and Protect Against Accidents. Barrier Gates are Perfect for Temporary Access Control. You can seal off access to any area temporarily for maintenance, cleaning and repair work and still allow multiple entry points. They’re ideal for warehouses or factories, and for restricting aisle access in retail environments.

They’re an integral part of any safe, secure environment. They’ll even fit in the back of a truck or maintenance cart so you can take them exactly where you need them! Plus, each gate can connect to another to form perimeters or corners of any length. And they’re easy to collapse, allowing open, easy access again. And they’re light enough to be carried by hand!

Storefront Security Gates

Storefront Security Gates by Illinois Engineered Products
Storefront Security Gates 2 by Illinois Engineered Products

An economical solution to after hours security, providing stress-free storefront protection from smash and grabs and casual break-ins.

Designed to provide the Most stable and secure store window gate available. The Xtra-duty Store Gate is housed in a continuous frame on all sides including top and bottom tracks, and utilizes vertical bars that do not lose height when opened.

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