192 In Pallet Rack Beams

Do pallet rack beams really come 16 feet wide (192 in)?

Yes, 192 in pallet rack beams are possible, but not readily available.

Using beams this wide does come with some cautions and considerations. Remember, the longer the span of the rack beam, the less weight the beam will support – especially mid span.

Also remember that the longer the pallet rack beam span, the more load your rack columns may need to handle. Generally, when configuring racking from new, this is figured out by the manufacturer you choose.

But if you decide to switch beams, you may need to do some calculations – or have an expert look at it – to make sure load capacities are not exceeded.

Why would you want a beam to span 192 inches?

Perhaps, you want less rack uprights to save on cost. Yes, it may save you some cost of the uprights, but the extra cost of the thicker beams may offset the expected savings. Always double check costs of different configurations to see how things measure out.

As pallet rack beams are made longer, they are also made wider or thicker to a higher gauge, or both. This helps the beam to be able to span more weight than if it were thinner or at a thinner gauge, as most shorter beams are.

Typically, 192 in. beams are about 6 in. high (or thick, depending on how you look at it).

As with most beams, there are different types and styles. Choose the type to fit your uprights and the style you need to fit your decking (such as slotted beams).

192 inch beams must usually be special made from the manufacturer, and many manufacturers have stopped making this long of a beam at all, opting instead for other configurations.

Of course, Mustang Material Handling can help figure all this out – why do it yourself? So, give us a call to discuss what pallet rack beams you are looking for.

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